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It was destiny ….

'I had a dream of living in a cottage in Denmark. Of raising the Danish flag, Dannebrog, and of sitting in my garden. At 28 I felt as having lived my whole life' ... that's how our regional newspaper, Fyns Stiftstidende, quotes me in a small article, which took it's start at Foensskov a few weeks ago! And a lot happend between 28 and 59 - and tells the story of how my paintings grow from life around med past, [...]

My Vedbaek Gallery

Everything is splendid in my bright and pleasant gallery at Vedbæk Stationsvej 19, Vedbæk. ’TIPS’, ’VEDBAEK/ORESUND’, ’ROLLINGS’, ’DOGS’, ’FEATHERS AND MORE’ now adorn local walls. More from GALLERY JACOB HERSKIND, Vedbæk … soon!


Soon BUTTERS … my opposite neighbour house at Foensskov … will be open! I’ve designed it with 2 studios, bedroom, kitchen, a lovely garden and a view to the sea from all windows. I’ll let it out to friends, family and acquaintances wishing to paint and relax in great surroundings for a weeks time. Most of the time I’ll be within reach and can share inspiration and tips. Call for details …

Foensskov Open

From May 12th to 14th of May I’ll open my studios and working spaces: Foensskov 31 and Foensskov 38! For details please call me … and do also call me if you’d like to visit on another occasion during summer and summer holidays!

Gallery Jacob Herskind … in Vedbaek

Preparations going on! Gallery Jacob Herskind now officially opens in Vedbaek on April, 8 with a new exhibition of Jacobs paintings … among these the large, local opening work of art Vedbaek/Oresund. See Manhattan/North Zealand … until now only shown in the Copenhagen City Hall and UBS Bank, Skt. Annae Square, Copenhagen. Paintings as YesYesYesYes, Mallorca, Du L, Los Muchachachachas in Japan, etc. will be revealed … The gallery is open on SATURDAY from 12 to 18+. The address is Stationsvej 19, [...]

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