(Free translation = Art exhibition on all walls with wide open doors)

The art salon – which is a dominant exhibition trend right now – orchestrate art and establishes new settings far away from the just-painted calculating walls of the galleries. Instead, they work playfully with funny, playful exhibiting where several or many works meet on one wall. Hanging close from floor to ceiling or in groups.

A large, beautiful appartment or a house with personality and warmth invites to exploit and experience. And then, what is more obvious than combining the art salon and the house from where alle the works origin – and turn it into SALON WHITE OPEN DOORS? An art exhibition with wide open doors.

Inspired by old, French art salon traditions and the current art salons in elegant apartments I open the doors to my home and my atelier – right here at the wonderful, scenic peninsula, Foensskov and offer great soup, wine, water and bread to enjoy while talking, rearranging the works and enjoying, Together.

No dresscode, no suit & tie eminenses affectedly holding long stemmed champagne glasses, no  ‘La tôut dé suite Pompóesë Trachtement superiore pyt pyt’.

In return … it is all for free, completely without obligations and extremely laid back to visit the up-to-date art salon year 2018 a la Foensskov.

Foensskovvej 31, 5580 Noerre Aaby.
Friday 27th, Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th of April 
All days from 12 to 18PM

You will see stories on the walls, feel a nice artistic atmosphere and have time to experience, play with my art and hear the stories about everything – all approachable and relaxed. And of course the sun will shine over Foensskov – and a walk along beach and wood is an easily accessible bonus.

See you again at SALON WHITE OPEN DOORS!