For the 3rd time I open the doors to my house and atelier at Foensskov widely.

At this year’s  ‘White Open Doors III’ event you can see part of the now half-finished RoCKS Show which you have – I hope – followed from the very beginning. All the RoCKS pieces, the paintings and sculptures, are stacked – exactly as they are right now. It’s a good chance to see below the surface of pieces which will soon be ready for exhibition.  There will be art from my exhibitions in Frankfurt and Amsterdam – and all new sculptures of my hand-picked kerbs from Lillebaelt’s beaches.

All walls are active. Come and see the art exactly where it’s born – like tasting the milk directly from the cow – og drinking a Brunello just there in Montalcino.

At Foensskov, you will right now find loads of art – from chocolate ice cream to Himalaya and Donald Duck and swarms of fish and outgoing catwalk models in the most crazy,  undoable robes – and dogs and kings and aunts and foolery.

Full of entertainment and stories – directly from the edge of the easel – not to forget the free and brilliant ‘almost-Michelin-starred’ chanterelle soup for all hungry guests.

I really do hope to see you  and the friends you bring along at Foensskov to:


Thursday 24.10
Friday 25.10
Saturday 26.10
Sunday 27.10
All days from 14 to 16

Entrance free – of course!

Jacob Herskind’s house
Foensskovvej 31
5580 Noerre Aaby