Project Description


In periods the wet universe is caught undersurface. Have a glimpse with watering eyes… A world with multi-ethnical good-and-evil-cohabitation. They do eat each other, too!

SQUIRT 2020 | 150×240
SOUTH EAST 2020 |150×260
THE 12 FISH 2020
THE 12 FISH 2020
(SØ)ULK 2020|150x150cm
FYN || SYD 2020 (XX) | 2x70x50 cm
Under Broen -20-20 – 2020 | 40x50cm
OXIDANE (=H2O) 2020 | 56x56x6cm
WATERSCAPE #1 2019 | 80x80cm
OVER RIFFRAFF REEF 2019 | 115×145
OPRØRT HAVBLIK 2019 |129×238
KLEIN GURT = LILLEBÆLT 2019 |145×200
THE MALE-DIVES 112×192 | 2018
To observe a 112×182 cm version of the Indian Ocean is not a bad way to start your day under our Nordic skies. Light, warm, calm and peaceful. A paradisiac atmosphere. The islands are called Anantara Veli and Anantara Dhigu, surrounded by the inconceivable Indian Ocean and a quiet meditative mood. But under the still surface, there is life. A whole lot of life. A multiethnic myriad of swarms, independents, flamboyants, phlegmatics, fish, fiddling in numerous layers – and a single dog (in the bottom middle). You are tempted to think that Jacob Herskind portraits the human race in all its diversity and ever-changing sense of direction – but let us stick to the meditative snapshot in which all intentions are cancelled – and where all fish, small as well as big, live together in harmony and cohesion. By all means, sure enough they do eat each other now and then – but that is just part of reality and is absolutely natural. The limited plant growth and the almost non-existing colours are also part of the natural theme, as it is actually a problem that the corals pale and disappear – and of course, everything is done to save them. However, the fishes hare not to blame. They just live there. If it is actually fish that we’re talking about. (TEXT: Lena Larsen)
‘CALM SEA X’ 110×140 | 2018
‘UNDERWORLD’ (Kongfekt V2) 51×51| 2017
‘UNDERWORLD’ (Kongfekt V2) 51×51| 2017
‘IN COPENHAGEN HAGEN’ 85×180 | 2016
‘PINKISHFISH I’ 60×60 | 2016
‘PINKISHFISH II’ 60×60 | 2016
‘CALM SEA V’ 85×180 | 2016
‘CALM SEA, BLUE’ 60×60 | 2016
‘FISH BUBBLES, BLUE’ 60×60 | 2016
‘THE YELLOW ABUNDANCE’ 110×210 | 2016
‘LULU ET LILI’ 28×19 | 2016
‘FISH – GREEN DANGER’ 28×19 | 2016

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