For Sabre’s HQ at Kurfürstendam, Berlin, I’ve just painted this picture of the area. You are supposed to jump into the painting with your eyes – lit it is the case with all my MAPS – and then you wander through the well-known area which is now changed and offer new experiences.


The art colourist, Janne Hoegshoej, has given the Berlin painting this cannonading:



I’m attracted. Seduced. Have left reality. Have fallen into fantasy on the wall.  An orgy of colours. Figures unfolding and outplaying. Juhmostsee, Waldsee & Tiefsee. I Hansesee. Germany. Berlin. Guten Tag, Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Herskind juggles with and pelts us with words. About food. About culture. Sardellen, Gurken, Wurst, Käse. The Wall, Museums. Monuments. Grüne Sachsen. The Beatles. Herskind goddammit. You are over the moon. Welchen Weg? Which way? Red, yellow or green. Links rechts über unter hinter neben. To the WC, the train, train station, petrol station? Bremen, Hannover, Hamburg? On the castle, the lake, the pub. Times Square or Champs Elysee. To the hairdresser. Or to the Zoo? In a high-rise building? A house of cards. A hospital. Herskind allures, teases and plays. Takes us on a visual journey and roller coaster ride. Constantly changing the painting. See the puzzle. Be curious. Explore. Get lost. Stay away. Remember autobahndeutsch. And see the details, the entirety and the idea of the craziness. A moment. Again and again. Great that we have him.