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White Open Doors III

For the 3rd time I open the doors to my house and atelier at Foensskov widely. At this year's  ‘White Open Doors III’ event you can see part of the now half-finished RoCKS Show which you have - I hope - followed from the very beginning. All the RoCKS pieces, the paintings and sculptures, are stacked - exactly as they are right now. It's a good chance to see below the surface of pieces which will soon be ready for exhibition. [...]

White Open Doors III2019-10-08T17:00:38+02:00


For Sabre's HQ at Kurfürstendam, Berlin, I've just painted this picture of the area. You are supposed to jump into the painting with your eyes - lit it is the case with all my MAPS - and then you wander through the well-known area which is now changed and offer new experiences.   The art colourist, Janne Hoegshoej, has given the Berlin painting this cannonading:   WHAT IS IT? A MAP? A CITY? BERLIN? I'm attracted. Seduced. Have left reality. [...]


Jacob Herskind bei WIKA in Klingenberg | April-Juli 2019

Der Künstler in Kürze 1958 in Roskilde, Dänemark, geboren. 1976-86 als Schiffsmakler tätig in Hamburg, Hongkong und London. 1986-90 Entwicklung und Vermarktung eigener Fashionbrands Glasnost und Radioactiv. 1990-1992 Exportmanager bei Hummel Sportswear. 1992-1994 Handelsunternehmen InEastInWest mit Piotr Wozniacki. Seit 1994 freischaffender Künstler Ausstellungen in Dänemark, Deutschland, Holland, Schweden Die Austellung bei Wika zeigt einen Mix von älteren Werken und eigens für Klingenberg gemalte Bilder. Die Idee hinter seinen Bildern Wer Jacobs Werke anschaut, wird ihren hintergründigen und hinterlistigen Charme nicht [...]

Jacob Herskind bei WIKA in Klingenberg | April-Juli 20192019-04-07T09:16:26+02:00

Show coming up … in April!

 Working hard on new paintings for an upcoming solo show in Fredericia starting April, 26. Right now, my working title is ‘FOR KIDS ONLY, no not really? ' The exhibition - as child-friendly as possible -  is part of the 75 anniversary of Fredericia Art and Culture. Much more about that show when we get closer to the opening date. However, Fredericia Art and Culture has also invited me to make a MAP of Fredericia. This is phase 1 ... [...]

Show coming up … in April!2019-04-07T09:14:39+02:00

Prints made in Germany

In January I had a number of paintings printed on large, thick, acid-free sheets for my upcoming exhibitions in Frankfurt and Fredericia. The printed versions will form the basis of new varieties of the chief works and I'm really excited to see how everything will work.

Prints made in Germany2019-02-04T13:17:55+01:00

Salon White Open Doors II

SALON WHITE OPEN DOORS II Fønsskovvej 31 • 5580 Nørre Aaby Thursday, October, 18. -  Sunday, October, 21 |  All days 12-18PM Again again I will leave my doors wide open. An art salon is coming up ... and every wall and space in my house and atelier will be utilised more than optimally. Come and see: Eminences, fish, forgiven enemies, catwalks, rotating stone sculptures, mobile sarcophagus, horses, pigs, cows and sheep - and birds in all the colours you [...]

Salon White Open Doors II2018-10-05T07:50:09+02:00

Salon White Open Doors

(Free translation = Art exhibition on all walls with wide open doors) The art salon - which is a dominant exhibition trend right now - orchestrate art and establishes new settings far away from the just-painted calculating walls of the galleries. Instead, they work playfully with funny, playful exhibiting where several or many works meet on one wall. Hanging close from floor to ceiling or in groups. A large, beautiful appartment or a house with personality and warmth invites to [...]

Salon White Open Doors2018-04-20T13:47:40+02:00

Guest no. 1 million in Gallery Jacob Herskind in Vedbaek

There is a prize of one painting (of your own choice) as a gift if you are guest number 1.000.000 in my Vedbaek gallery. The status right now is: 28 visitors ... of these: 27 enthusiastic guests. Still, way to go... But stop by anyway and see my newest availables. I'll be in the gallery on Fridays and Saturdays in March ... ready to tell you about the paintings, about the forgiven, British sailors, about the profundity under the surface, about [...]

Guest no. 1 million in Gallery Jacob Herskind in Vedbaek2018-03-20T15:55:36+01:00

Opening | ‘Forward March’

INVITATION All winter I painted summer … and now I  I N V I T E  you and yours to the opening of my exhibition: SUNDAY, MARCH 4, 12-17 GALLERY JACOB HERSKIND | VEDBAEK STATIONSVEJ 19 | VEDBAEK Light and easy-going summer atmosphere, white wine, lemonwatermelon, chill beach samba and a view of the most wonderful things. I open up the gallery in Vedbaek and tell all the stories. See: ‘Summerinsects buzzing’ | ‘In the air’ | ‘RealLy Ugly Duckling [...]

Opening | ‘Forward March’2018-02-23T10:47:55+01:00

Brand new old images of the enemy in my atelier

British marines from 'The battle of Copenhagen' - I've been on them for a long time, however, they have not been particularly cooperative and accommodating. A series of 9 brand new old images of the enemy can be tough to struggle with. The all came sailing through Oresund on their way to a ferocious sea battle .... on April, 2, 1801. Hope to be able to finish - and to make a spectacle of them at 'Forward March' ...  

Brand new old images of the enemy in my atelier2018-02-16T10:40:22+01:00
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